oitoo is a collective of architects currently active on several fronts and focused on reuse and reactivation of spaces and territories.

Established in late 2017, oitoo is based in Porto and Lisbon, developing projects over Portugal and abroad.
With solid and heterogeneous professional experiences collected in London, Basel, Milan, Mendrisio and Beijing, oitoo operates locally, merging networking and international knowledge.

We embrace 2 different realms to approach architecture: on one hand the Office , committed to designing, building and thinking architecture, working with different programmes, uses and scales; on the other, the Observatory, where we research, analyze and discuss alternatives for the urban and territorial issues, such as under-exploited or simply forgotten places and buildings, finding ways for their reactivation and reuse, increasing the quality of life and making a positive impact on users and local communities.

oitoo also combines design and construction with intense academic activity, and publications in specific subjects, such as yellowred, on reused architecture.