Observatory operates as a think-tank, raising questions and eventually creating design opportunities for the Office. It is the nest to explore an alternative approach to architecture, without having a specific client or order, where we dedicate time to research, discuss and write ideas with a solid subject or theme.

Aiming to instigate architectural production, we started by performing a sequence of 4 actions entitled "Eu queria que isto fosse (“I wish this was”), to launch Becos com Saída , a project that works with forgotten, unused, abandoned plots and buildings, stopping deterioration and creating opportunities for local communities to socialize and grow.

While mapping those spaces and areas, we also started the oitoo’s walks , based on Jane’s walks, through the forgotten city, away from tourist routes and areas where the attention of investors is concentrated. Walks has been revealing and opportunities keep arising such as the potential of living on the ground floors , reactivation of iconic places as well as ideas and strategies for the reuse of existing buildings.

Deconstruction curates and collects locally salvaged materials offering facilities for storing and reusing, seeking to increase the product life cycle and offering a new resource to refurbishment!